Salesforce Lightning Aura vs JavaScript… which do you prefer?

I am ecstatic to see that has seen the Light(ning)!  As a developer working with Salesforce Apex + VisualForce for the past 10+ years, I personally found Lightning Aura difficult to work with and often wondered why they didn’t just implement standards based JavaScripting for their next-generation data-independent application development framework.  It just seems easier to onboard new developers if they can use the same time tested technologies they are already familiar with, rather than force a new unfamiliar and (honestly) poorly designed framework on us.  Aura was pitched as a revolutionary framework for rapid application development.  But did it deliver?  No. In reality it felt sluggish, not just from a UX perspective, but from a development perspective as well.  There was too much asynchronous behavior which made development cumbersome. And to top it off the AppExchange pricing model offered to developers wishing to publish and sell their Lightning Components was a non-starter for many.

Perhaps Salesforce is finally learning from their mistakes, as they have just announced JavaScript support for Lightning!  Now if Salesforce could give us better pricing options for listing on the AppExchange.


Here are a couple of articles discussing the announcement worth checking out:


Salesforce Lightning Web Components adds JavaScript model


Salesforce releases JavaScript-friendly Lightning to bypass Aura’s limits


I’m curious to know what other Salesforce devs think.  Which do you prefer?

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